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Thankyou so much to John such a good driving instructor makes you feel so calm and at ease.
John was a great instructor who helped me stay calm while I was learning and also helped me learn far quicker than I expected. He was tough on my little mistakes in order to help me improve and gave me good praise when I did well. Cannot thank him enough.
John is a great instructor! He is so calm and patient, and has really useful tips to help with the manoeuvres! He helped me pass my test with only 2 minors. Would definitely recommend taking lessons with him if you're wanting to learn to drive!
Could not thank John enough! He’s a great instructor and made driving so calm and easy. Passed first time, could not be happier. 100% would recommend
Can't thank John enough for helping me pass my test! 10/10 instructor, very calming and really helped me boost my confidence. My previous instructor made me hate driving but John really helped me get over that and believe in myself again. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to improve their confidence! :)
John is a very good tutor would 100% recommend him. He got me through my test first time.
John is one of four Instructors I have had and by far the best, he taught me new and alternative ways of doing manoeuvres and helped me develop in areas I was less confident with. I would recommend John to anyone who is looking for lessons, he is helpful ,patient and a great driving Instructure.
John is a fantastic instructor and easy to learn with, 10/10 would recommend to a friend.
John is patient, kind and so encouraging! He helped me to pass my test in a short period of time and under the national average. Definitely made the right choice coming to this sight. John is the man.
Lessons with John are always calm and relaxed. His knowledge and tips are very helpful and I have grown in confidence greatly thanks to him. Thanks John x
John is a great instructor and helped me to pass first time. I highly recommend him and I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons as he was patient and gave me great advice. He also helped me gain the confidence to push myself with my driving in places I was more apprehensive to drive in. His lessons were always thorough and relaxed, thanks again John!
John is a fantastic instructor. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive to use this driving school. John is patient, fills you with confidence and has a great sense of humour. Lessons are relaxed and John soon turns any driving weaknesses into strengths with his top quality advice, knowledge and expertise. A great experience and even better having passed my test. I can’t thank you enough John!
John is very patient and thorough in his teaching, and explains everything so that you not only know how to do things but can correct them if you go wrong. He is very friendly and easy to get along with. I only had a few lessons with him but I could already feel my driving improved massively and I passed first time with him!
Thank you John!!
John is a brilliant driving instructor, he helped boost my confidence and was always supportive. He is very knowledgeable and helped my past my test first time. I would highly recommended John to anyone. Thank you John.
John is a brilliant instructor, teaches you to the highest standard possible ready for the test, I'm really grateful for passing first time
John is a quality instructor had a few since I started my lessons but by far the best around helped me pass my test first time. Very nice guy, patient and gave me confidence and tailored guidance which helped me pass. Would definitely recommend to anyone out there looking for an instructor!! Thanks John
John is an amazing instructor and all round a great person! He is patient, positive and very easy to get along with and made me feel comfortable during my driving lessons and helped me build my overall confidence. He gave me great tips to help improve my driving and make it more efficient for the long run. Overall, I am very grateful to have met and had John as my instructor, he helped me restore and build my confidence.

Thanks John!
I was a complete beginner when I started driving lessons with John but learned more than I expected to in such a short period of time. He was patient and at ease in the car which helped me to relax as well. Thank you John.
John is an excellent driving instructor who helped me pass my test first time even after a setback with another driving instructor. John always explained things clearly and made me a more confident and calm driver.
John’s a really good driving instructor and helped me pass my test with two minors. He’s a really nice person, very patient and gave me a lot of confidence driving. Great instructor, will recommend to anyone!
Just passed my driving test with John! He is a really great driving instructor who will always take the time to explain things if you don't understand something. Would definitely recommend him to anyone!
John was an excellent driving instructor and helped me to pass my test first time. He helped me to be more confident behind the wheel which enabled me to drive without much guidance. Highly Recommend
John is a brilliant instructor who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. My confidence was knocked from previously failing (with a different instructor) but John gave me confidence and helped me believe in myself. Thank you so much John.
I was a complete novice when I started and John was very patient and made me feel at ease. I passed first time and now feel confident driving independently knowing John has taught me well and effectively.
Great driving instructor, help me to pass my on my second attempt. Great motavtion and helped me to become a much better driver and also more confident behind the wheel. Made driving feel much more simpler and easy to understand. Would recommend having driving lessons with John as it was a very pleasant experence, Thanks Again.
Passed my theory first time and just passed my driving test yesterday first time! John is a great driving instructor and always pushes you to drive at your best. Would recommend, thank you very pleased with the outcome of my lessons!
Passed my driving test first time with John on 6th September 2017! He is an excellent instructor and has both fair prices and a calm, patient approach during lessons. Not only does his teaching allow you to learn how to pass your test, it also lets you explore the safest and most efficient ways to drive, so you can pass your test and feel confident driving on your own in real-life situations. Couldn't recommend this driving school enough - great for students in Beverley and its surrounding areas!!
John is a great driving instructor and ensures that not only do you pass but have the skills and knowledge to become a competent and safe driver. He is professional, punctual and gave me confidence in my own ability. I passed first time and can only thank John for all he has taught me.
Very knowledgeable and reassuring instructor, would thoroughly recommend John to anyone!
Great instructor and pushes you to drive at your best. Would really recommend, thank you John.
Great instructor, very calm. Takes you through everything in detail and pushes for you to be the best. Passed my test first time with no minors so thank you John
Great driving instructor, always calm and reassuring. Very patient and good explaining things - just very genuine and it is obvious that he wants his students to do well. Thanks John for teaching me to drive.
John is an absolutely fantastic and reliable instructor. After a couple of months of weekly 2 hour lessons I passed first time this week aged 21. After previous (and poor) experience aged 17 with a different instructor, I found myself completely amazed by John's ability, friendliness and knowledge. He is very calm and reassuring during lessons and a very efficient teacher. His very high quality standard of teaching has helped me to become so much more confident on the roads. He is a lovely person, with a great sense of humour and very easy to chat to! I would 100% recommend John to new drivers in the area. Extremely grateful for everything he has taught me, thankyou John!
John taught me how to drive in 6 weeks with intensive lessons and I passed my test first time today. He is a brilliant instructor and makes you feel relaxed and he's quite funny too. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know.
Passed first time with John this afternoon! He is a lovely, patient instructor and i cannot thank him enough for all his help! Always on time and flexible with the lessons which was great. John really helped me gain confidence when I was driving. I would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks John!! :)
Just passed first time this afternoon thanks to John's great teaching! I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn safe confident driving. Thank you!
9 months ago I never would have imagined myself being able to drive a car whatsoever, now here I am having passed my test first time with not a single minor. John is a highly reliable instructor capable of motivating and reassuring as necessary. Thanks john
Just passed my test first time this afternoon! Very pleased with the teaching given by John, I'd definitely recommend him to any learner drivers. He emphasises the goal of being a good driver and being able to look after a car as well as passing the test which really helped motivate me to be a better driver. Thanks for everything John!
Passed my test first time this afternoon! John is a great instructor who is very patient and an excellent teacher! He was on time to every single one of my lessons and always found a time which suited me. Always very funny and chatty so it's never a boring lesson! Would highly recommend, thankyou John!
Just passed first time this afternoon! Thank you John for being a great instructor and reassuring me before my test. I would recommend to anyone looking for an instructor
Just passed my test first time!
John Green is an incredible driving instructor who makes you feel at ease and pushes you to do the best you can. Massive thanks to him for helping me become more confident and would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Just passed my test this morning - first attempt! What can I say? John is an amazing tutor and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to start driving!
I've only had John as an instructor but I can highly recommend him to any learner, he is very patient and always cracks out the funniest jokes, very fun to be in the car with and you'll always feel at ease. I honestly could not wait for my next lesson!
Thank you John for getting me through my test!
Passed my test first time this morning, could not be happier with the excellent work of my instructor John. Could not recommend highly enough, taught me from scratch everything I needed and knew when I was ready for the test. John's been a great teacher, patient, informative and helpful and as a result even after a handful of months I feel confident behind the wheel. Always managed to find a time that worked for me and always in an uplifting mood on arrival. Just an all round great guy, 100% recommended.
So happy to have passed my test! Couldn't be more pleased and it's all thanks to John Green who taught me from scratch! So calm and supportive! Such a great driving instructor! Thank you!
I recently passed after having lessons with John; he is an amazing teacher, managing to make the driving lessons enjoyable while making you aware of every little thing you need to do to reach a high standard. I'd had another driving instructor beforehand and really could see the difference, I felt much more comfortable this time and even when mistakes were made John would remain completely calm and lovely so that I would just learn from them. I'll definitely be recommending him to anyone who needs driving lessons in the area, thank you so much John!!
I had had lessons with a previous driving instructor and genuinely felt at one point that passing my driving test was an impossibility for I am definitely not a natural driver! However, my parents were pretty keen I should pass my test, and so I agreed to have lessons again, but we decided to switch instructors to John. I knew John was a naturally superior teacher from the first lesson. He makes you feel comfortable and focuses on developing the basic skills to a very high standard so that the harder manoeuvres feel easy. He has been consistently friendly and makes a point of finishing each lesson on a positive note. Previously I felt nervous before every driving lesson; this wasn't the case with John. Leading up to my test, John was willing to work any time of any day so that I would have enough experience to feel comfortable. Today, I passed my test first time. Would honestly recommend John to anyone - he is a miracle worker!
John has now got both my son & daughter through their tests in the last 18 months with a below average number of lessons. Both have very different ways of learning and John managed to connect with both of them despite their very different personalities. I would definately recommend him!
Couldn't be more pleased with the service i received. John is an excellent instructor with a lot of patience and is very good at tailoring lessons to suit specific needs. He will always listen to you to make sure you get all you wanted out of the lesson and always tries to make himself available for times that suit you. i Can't recommend this instructor highly enough and i now have a lot of friends learning with him. Brilliant !
I passed my test first time after 3 months of instruction and am very pleased with the results.
Thank you John
Well what can I say... John is a perfectionist. Has a laugh, easy going. Thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with john. I passed my test today and it's all thanks to john. Thoroughly recommend him. Always on time. I used a company before john and left this company to go with john I'm so glad I did. My life will be so much more adventurous now I've passed. And that's all thanks to you john. See you around on the roads 😊