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I passed my test on the 06/10/10 - John is a great instructor, he prepared me well for the new test i felt really confident and johns way of teaching was exceptional,i would reccomend him to friends and family any day. many thanks john. Jill
Back again. If you scroll down you'll see I used John back in April, 28th to be more specific. I ran out of time to do driving test but now I have and passed first time. I went back to John due to my positive experiences with him. My passing was done with little hours, but because John put so much in the lessons I feel this aided me greatly. The new 'independent driving' that they introduced was neither that difficult either, if anything it was easier than normal haha. Many thanks to John for helping me to pass first time.
I have just passed my driving test on the first day of the new test. Thanks to John i felt relaxed, at ease and very confident with my driving skills. Once again thanks John.
John is a superb driving instructor; he has built my confidence on the road and made sure I was fully prepared for the test. He remains calm when you make mistakes and explains how to avoid them in the future. I highly recommend John. Thank you!
I just done the PassPlus with John, and I am really glad I have because I passed about 6 months ago and havnt driven since so I was a little weary about getting back in the seat thinking I might have forgotten everything, John again had alot of confidence in me, we drove towards Scarborough, York and into Leeds, with John there to lead me through motorways and country lanes explaining everything step by step made it so simple. I feel like I can drive anywhere as the knowledge that John gave me is very valuable. Really worth it and would highly recommend doing taking PassPlus!
Although I ran out of time to do my practical driving test (I begin RAF training, tomorrow 28th), John made driving very relaxed and not too confusing, allowing me to learn by doing. John has got me to a stage where I am ready to have my test at anytime, I have recommended John to others based on my own positive experience with him and this is the same to you reading this.
John is a very good driving instructor and helped me to pass first time. He makes sure you pass as quick as you can and doesnt waste your time or money. He also makes sure your driving is perfect and keeps calm when you get something wrong. I really enjoyed learning to drive with john and recommend him to anyone wanting to pass their test quickly!

Thanks to John. I am glad I have passed. I have had 5 instructors before John. He is the best. His down to detail, standard actions to road situations make big difference compare to other instructors. I will recommend him to my friends.
I had several instructors before John. His down to every detail, standard and routine operations in roundabouts, junctions, etc., make big differences compare to other instuctors. He is calm, patient and reliable. I am glad I have passed today! I am strongly recommending him to my friends. Thank you, John.
i had john as my instructor he realise tht i cud drive so he decide ta perfect ma skills and teach me easier way ta do manoevers so thn ta last 5 lessons i had was teachin me ta drive smoothly n fuel ecomicly which is realy helpin me ta save money so thnks so much john and ma girlfriend has put your name forward ta her collage friends thnks john 4 everyfin
would recomend john to any one. Couldnt have had a better instructor. thanks john.
If you are wanting an extremely reliable and dedicated instructor then you should look no further than John. The fact that he turned up on time to every lesson and quickly erradicated any mistakes or bad habits i may have had in the most professional and understandable way, made for an extremely pleasing learning experience. I would highly recommend learning to drive with John if you are looking not only to pass, but also to look forward to each and every lesson in the same way i did. I look forward to seeing you out on the road John!
I really enjoyed learning to drive with John, I was under pressure to pass my test quickly in time for a job. I passed first time after having just over a month of lessons! He found the time to fit me in whenever i needed him to and he made me feel very at ease whilst in the car. I was thrilled to pass first time and couldn't thank him enough.
Brilliant instructor, helped me pass first time after changing instructors. Learnt more from John in the first few lessons than i did the whole time with my other instructor. He made the manouvers seem easy and was very patient.
Thanks John
john was an excellent instructor, constantly stayed calm when i went wrong, and always pushed me when i needed it. would recommend him to anyone.
I started my lessons with john in july and have just past first time, john is a really good instructor and really patient i'd recommend him to anyone.thanks john.
After being through 3 different instructors, I found John and in just 6 lessons, he taught me useful driving techniques that changed my driving experience completely. He is absolutely briiliant. I only regret not having been taught by him from the start. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you John.
John was utterly superb - after three years of learning with three instructors, 12 hours with John and I'd passed! Extremely patient, encouraging and soothing; an absolute dream!

10/10 :)
passed my test after months of driving thanks to john he helped me through a lot and always reliabale. i really would recomed him to anyone thats starting or thinking about learning to drive
just like to say big thanks to john green for me being successful first time round, i wouldnt of passed if id of stayed with the AA only took me 30 hours 20 with AA and ten with john. i only got 4 minors pretty proud thanks john.
1st time pass
less than 3 months start to finish
exceptional teaching, really impressed and
would recommend them to anyone.
I have been taking driving lessons with John for 6 months and have recently passed my test, thanks to Johns help and patience.
John is easy going and helpful and will make sure he always gives you the best advice to help you to drive.
I think it is important to have an instructor you can relax with and trust. I found this straight away with John from the moment I got in the car he made me feel at ease.
Thank you John for all your help and patience. It really is much appreciated. You made driving easy to learn and enjoyable. THANK YOU..
I just passed my driving test after working with john for three days. He is a true master of the art, he is calm and patient but firm when he needs you to get things right. If he tells you that you will be ok he is not joking. if you are not ready or you have something wrong with parts of your driving he will find them and focus on it. He has a really high standard so if you do drive with him well dont expect to be let off very lightly... he will pick at all the things the examiners may ignore but that intern does really improve you driving. John Thank you soooo very much... you are a legend

John was an EXCELLENT driving instructor! He was very pateint, calm and funny, which made my lessons more enjoyable. He taught me to drive well and i learnt how to drive very quickly up to test standard. I passed my test first time with john and i didn\'t do that many hours. His prices are reasonable and he is flexable with his hours. I have reccomended him to many friends and will continue to do so. I am really pleased i went with him. Thanks alot John :-)
John was a WONDERFUL driving instructor. He made me feel confident during every single lesson I took, and unlike previous instructors, he wanted to get me to test level ASAP. John was extremely flexible, very friendly and approachable. I have recommended John to family and friends.Thank You John.
Before I went with Yorkshire School of Motoring, I\'d really struggled with driving, and found lessons pretty difficult. From lesson one with John, I felt comfortable and learnt so much from the word go. John is a wonderful instructor; patient, friendly and most of all encouraging. I am so grateful for everything he\'s done, and I\'m so happy that I passed with him!
My driving instructor is John, he is very nice, easy to talk to and a good teacher.
John Green was recommended to me by three of my close friends, all of who passed quickly. They told me he was really friendly and they were right. It\'s really easy to talk to John and learning to drive with him is comfortable. There\'s no pressure and you can go at your own pace. His schedule is extremely flexible and you can easily fit it around your own; he\'s willing to pick you up from work or school or wherever you need.The driving school provided me with material to help me outside of the lessons, including a DVD which I found especially helpful. John helps a lot with theory test queries as well and is completely reliable. He\'ll always get back to you as fast as he can. It is great value for money. I\'ve also recommended him to another friend of mine who now takes lessons with him.