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Passed first time with John had 10 lessons absolutely fantastic instructor calm polite friendly reliable on time very patient can't recommend highly enough ☆☆☆☆☆
i passed my test today with only 2minors, John is a brilliant instructer very strict and very professional. john also happen to be a perfectionist and he would never take you for your test if he doesn't feel that you will pass. i highly recommend him for anybody who is looking for driving lessons.

Recently passed my test first time with john, with only 4 minors! Patient, calm and friendly I would definitely recommend to anyone :)
Yaye I passed today-2nd time with John. He is so patient and calm. He explains everything clearly and had belief I could pass ( even when I didn't) John is a genuinely nice guy. Now I can take my twins out in mummy's car and do and go places we couldn't before. I can't thank him enough.
Brilliant instructor! Would recommend to anyone! :)
A lovely driving instructor with lots of patience! He will go the extra mile to help you pass.
When I first got in the car I didn't think I would be able to do it, but John is very clear at explaining things and is very patient if you can't do it at first, very good driving instructor. He is always very professional and pushes you so that you make significant progress.
I recently passed my test on April the 2nd 2014 and for the previous month i had been having driving tuition under the eye of John Green. When I first got in the car, i was sceptical that i was going to be able to get all of necessary information and driving skill to be ready for test within a month, but as soon i got in the car, that scepticism was gone. John is very welcoming and makes you feel at ease when you are put behind the wheel. John is very precise and patient with you whilst at the same time being clear with what you doing wrong and how you can improve to make it better. John will not rush you but with each lesson you'll finish knowing that you have made progress whether it is nailing a manoeuvre or ironing out a simple mistake. You'll want to get back in the car.
Passed in a short space of time, quick efficient learning, pushed me hard enough to improve and succeed and created a great environment to learn
I passed my test today!! John Green is a superb driving instructor. I recommend all of you because you will learn your lessons with great humour, seriousness of road safety, and nonetheless you will be more confident when you are going for your test. Really learned a lot from him and his great company. So happyyyyyyyy!!
I recommend John Green. He is both laid back and a motivational instructor. I never enjoyed driving lessons when I was a teenager, so delayed in learning for too long. I booked lessons with John (at the age of 25), enjoyed my lessons and passed.
I would highly recommend Yorkshire School of motoring. I felt that I progressed quickly and my confidence was up after only a few lessons! John is really friendly and supportive. So over the moon that I passed my test. Yipeeee! Thanks John.
I recently passed my test with John and got no minors, he is such a great driving instructor and I found it so easy to stay calm in the car with him. He is so easy to get along with and I would definetly recommend him!
Recently passed my driving test after John's excellent tuition. John is a great driving instructor; he is patient, he isn't patronising and he works hard to build your confidence on the road. Would definitely recommend!!
I recently took an intense driving course with John and would highly recommend him. He is extremely patient and puts you completely at ease. After having 2 previous instructors who i found slightly patronizing, John was a breath of fresh air!
John is easy to get along with and makes you comfortable in the car. He has a lot of patience for when you are first starting and telly you when you make slight mistakes, which really help your overall driving ability! Cheers John :D
John is a great instructor! He made me feel calm and confident behind the wheel and talk me through each step if I started panicking. He is really easy to get along with and was flexible with times and locations if you needed picking up from collage and getting dropped off at home. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. If you want to pass your test quickly with the ability and confidence to be on the roads straight away after passing your test, he's your man.
I have just recently passed my driving test and I would definitely recommended John. His ways of teaching made me feel confident and pass both my theory and practical first time round. I was behind the wheel from the start which gave me a huge confidence boost. Being praised when doing well and getting the help I needed when struggling was great. His teaching methods included being very patient (which was a good job!). I was put completely at ease whilst driving and John was very supportive when it came to test date. Thankyou again! 10/10!
John is a fantastic and dedicated driving instructor. I passed first time and now feel a confident driver thanks to his excellent tuition. He is very easy to get along with, flexible with times and ensures you know everything in order to succeed. I Would definitely recommend!
John is an absolute legend. Both my sister and I passed with him. Understanding and lovely and gets you up and driving confidently very quickly. He taught me how to drive as well as how to pass my test, and now half a year later the skills he taught me have allowed me to become a safe and confident driver. I still have his tips and tricks running at the back of my mind when i drive.
I was extremely excited and happy when I passed but left missing my weekly lessons with John. I would highly recommend John to anybody.
I have just passed my test first time thanks to John. He's been a great instructor and has taught everything i needed to know to pass my test first time and drive safely and with confidence. He's easy to talk to and get along with. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again!
I recently passed my driving test in October thanks to John Green. John is an excellent instructor and teaches not only to pass your test, but also to make you a good, confident, all round driver. He always keeps his patience, is flexible with times and is very easy to get on with. I also completed the pass plus course with John and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks John!
I recently passed my test on 20th October with the help of John. John is a brilliant instructor to get taught by, he explains everything you need to know to be a good safe driver, he not only prepares you for your test but also beyond. I passed first time after 18 hours of driving with John. He is so easy to get on with and its a pleasure to be taught by him and i would fully recommend him to anyone. He is very flexible regarding timings etc and always on time.
I recently passed my driving test with the help of John's tuition. I had put off learning to drive for many years after some bad experiences when I was younger, and so I wasn't exactly looking forward to trying to learn again!
I have to say I think John is a great instructor, I felt like he was teaching me how to drive and not just pass my test. He taught me how to drive in a fuel efficient way and therefore cost effective way too which is a real bonus. John was great at pointing out areas that needed to be focussed on, and always gave positive criticism. When I decided to start learning again my goal was to pass within 6 months, and I'm happy to say I passed first time after just 3 and a half months. Thanks again John!
I passed first time with only two minors thanks to Johns tuition in a space of about 3 months! John offers plenty of constructive criticism which helps pin point the faults in your drive. He aims to turn you into a good driver, not just somebody to pass a test. John was always fairly flexible with his time and makes sure you do the correct amount of lessons needed to make you a competent driver at a beginner stage! Thanks again John!
After my boyfriend and four other friends passed first time with John i reluctantly decided to bite the bullet and try again (after failing two times around five years ago). I was immediately put at ease, John is BRILIANT!! He is really patient, encourages you with possitive feed back but also gives constructive criticism rather than just shouting (as did previous instructers ive had in the last!!):) He is really good at explaining things so you remember it, i learn better using visual images so john would draw instructions for me ie what lane to keep in on roundabouts. I passed first time with John, infact i dont know anyone who hasnt!! I would definately recommend John to anyone:) xx
I attempted driving lessons when I was 17 only to be let down by several instructors. I lost all confidence and gave up completely. Finally, after turning 30, I decided it was time to go for it and get my licence. I signed up for an intensive course with John and I have to say that I've never felt so comfortable with an instructor. John instantly made me feel at ease; he pointed out my weaknesses but also highlighted my strenghts. The things that seemed so complicated to me were made so easy under John's instruction; he even set triggers in my mind which made things stick. After 20 hours intense driving I am so proud to say that I passed my test first time and I couldn't have done this without John. He is, without a doubt, an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone!
I passed my driving test today thanks to John Green,he is an excellent driving instructor and very reliable,i would recommend him to anyone who is thinking of taking driving lessons as he is very easy to get along with.Thanks again John
Started with John a couple of months ago after a bad run of poor instructors. He picked up on all my errors and pushed me in the right direction. He explained everything in the most simple but efficient way. Would recommend him to all my friends. Cheers John.
John is a excellent instructor, honest, calm, reliable and flexible around times ect.
He explains everything in a simple way making it easy to understand and pushes you when you need it.
I feel like I've been taught to drive not just pass my test.
Many thanks!!!
I passed my test today thanks to excellent tuition from John green, He really is a great instructor, and has really helped me feel confident driving as i have always been very nervous. Thankyou so much again Sarah
I'd lived in london before moving here for uni, and I'd taken (and failed) my test 3 times, despite having over 40 hours of lessons. However, after only a few hours of lessons with John Green, I felt up to taking the test again, and have just passed with only a couple of minors. Good instructor, good value and well worth it. Cheers.
I passed my test frist time thanks to John as he stepped in at less then a week before my test as my previous instructer let me down.
Thanks John for stepping in at such short notice.
I passed my test last week after starting with John on a semi-intensive (several hours a week, spaced over several weeks) around August, and would definitely recommend him. He was very patient, and knew when to push you so that you would always get the most out of each lesson! However, the most important thing for me was that he taught me to be a good driver in general, rather than just to pass a test. I highly recommend for anyone new to driving to book blocks of lessons closer together, as this really helped me cement the basics into routine early on!
My wife was a very nervous learner and had ben learning with another instructor for over 12 months. She was not making progress and had taken over 80 hours of tuition.
Frustrated with this I dispensed with his services and signed her up with John.
John was very good with her and pushed her hard to make sure all the learning was being taken on board.
After an intensive 25 hours course she passed her test.
I would recommend John to any learner but especially those who are nervous as he works very hard to instill confidence in his pupils and this pays dividends when it comes to taking the test.
john was my instructor for a week before my test as my previous instructor quit. He was very flexible and had faith in me when i didnt, and thanks to him i passed first time. He is a genuinly lovely guy, really calm and was quick to pin point my key fault areas, cant thank him enough.
I had my licence revoked and was keen to pass my test again as soon as possible. I found john through a website and he was efficiant at arranging lessons with me. He was very patient and very good at calming my nerves! I had 7 hours in total with him and passed my test this morning> i would like to say a big thank you to john! i would recommend him to anyone!
I did an intensive course with John. Had around 30 hours and 3 weeks to learn to drive and low and behold I passed first time with only 1 minor. Johns great, he really knows what hes talking about including all the tricks of the trade. Highly recommended!
I learnt to drive with John two years ago and passed first time thanks to John's excellent teaching skills. John is a fantastic driving instructor, he is patient and encouraging, which makes you feel relaxed and confident when on the road. I have, and continue to, recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive.
After failing numerous tests in the pass, I decided to pick driving back up after a 3 year break at university, I found John, took on an intensive course and passed this morning! John is a personable, patient instructor who will teach you not to pass the test but to drive well. I would recommend him to anybody! Thanks again mate, Tom
i learned to drive with john and i had my test this morning and passed first time with no driver faults thank you for your help john
I learnt to drive with John over three years ago , and I still recommend him to anyone who says that they want to start driving lessons! He is incredibly easy to talk to, lets you go at your own pace, so you don't feel forced or pushed at any areas that you may feel uneasy with, but it doesn't feel as though he is going too slow and just trying to make money off of you - like any instructors out there! He is very flexable with hours and always managed to fit me in around my work, college and social life, starting my lesson from wherever i needed to be collected from. I have had two friends and my boyfriend all pass with him and all have found him to be as high a standard as I did.
John is a really patient instructor, I could already drive (kind of) when I started with John but I lacked on confidence. He never tells you what you can't do only what you can, you never feel put down, I would recomend John to anyone that wants to start there driving lessons. He got me through my test first time!
John is a brilliant driving instructor, he's really calm and patient and he really helped my confidence, really impressed by his teaching and would recommend him to anyone.
John is a brilliant driving instructor and helped me to pass first time. He's very patient and I would highly recommend him.
john is a really good driving instructor, he helped me to pass the first time he has alot of patience and he is brilliant to learn with..
John is surely an extremely skillful driving instructor. He explains everything in full details which really helps for the first time manual-car driver like myself. He is also very patience and always spends time correcting any mistakes you make.
I passed first time all thanks to John's excellent teaching skills, he was calm, experienced and gave me the confidence to become a competant driver. I would highly recommend John.
Would definitely recommend to others!
Always calm and explains where you are going wrong to you in a calm manner as well and makes sure you are able to do it right the next time. He puts a-lot of time and effort into teaching and building your confidence on the road. Really enjoyed learning with you! Thank you so much!